We love to drive cars. We like to do it in a calm, not-nervous way.

What it does

Smart Pole is an embedded system which can extend existing street poles. It has got a solar panel and a battery in order to charge itself. It has got a simple movement sensor (e.g. microphone, laser, camera, ...) in order to detect vehicles. It has got a wireless network chip (e.g. WiFi, radio, Bluetooth, ...) in order to communicate with near-by Smart Poles. Optionally it is possible to get an extended version of Smart Pole which is able to exchange (send, receive) data with the Internet or external systems like autonomous drones, .... It has got a simple processor which identifies potential hazards, e.g.:

  • accidents due to stopped movements,
  • oncoming vehicles - thinking about serpentines,
  • external signals - think about oil on race tracks It has got multi-colored LED in order to signal hazards.

How we built it

Long team discussions.

Challenges we ran into

Arguments supporting our idea to compete, thus to integrate with oncoming big Car-2-X (Vehicle-2-Vehicle, Vehicle-2-Infrastructure) technologies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The system is cheap, modular and extendable. The market introduction is fast and risk-less.

What we learned

This was our first Hackathon. We learned to think lateral.

What's next for Smart Pole

Build the prototype. Put it on the road.

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