Inspiration - many kids are helping their aging parents manage medications. With this invention, the kids can remotely monitor medication compliance. This reduces medical issues and can help maintain independence (don't need to go into an expensive nursing home).

What it does - Uses various methods to remind patient to take medications and to monitor compliance. The smart phone can be sent compliance notifications and people can also use the smart phone to check for compliance.

How I built it - Raspberry Pi running Python, PHP, and Javascript and Swift code on a iPhone

Challenges I ran into - 1. need industrial design of physical pillbox. 2. Using internet or cellular for ease of configuration, security, and cost.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Working prototype

What I learned Python, Javascript, PHP, Swift, port forwarding, etc.

What's next for Smart Pill Box physical prototyping of box, refining user interface, connectivity simplifications, and maybe getting it working on android smart phones too???

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posted an update

I believe there is HUGE potential to sell this product. There are 75 million baby boomers in America who are in their 50s and 60s and will start turning 70 next year. There are 35 million people that are 70+ and some younger people are on multiple meds. Medication non-compliance is a major problem in America and costs the health care system billions of $. People have unnecessary hospitalisations and it is a common reason for people to move into a nursing home with huge monthly bills. Help us make a useful product that helps the elderly stay independent and helps reduce the burden on kids taking care of their ageing parents.

There are pillboxes on the market that have LCD displays and timers and push buttons. Many elderly people are frustrated by this technology. This design will be better because it moves the programming away from the patient and to the care giver's smart phone. It also allows the care giver to see recent pictures of the pillbox and the times it was opened and closed to see if the patient is being compliant.

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posted an update

I was able to traverse the firewall in my home router by using port forwarding. This allowed me to access my smart pillbox out in public. Is Minnetronix going to allow us to use port forwarding to traverse their firewalls?
I only have one device (my Raspberry Pi) in my home that I want to use as a web server, so I forward http requests (port 80) to my RPi. Will Minnetonix have multiple IoT devices that are acting as web servers? I assume someone has this figured out.

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