Problem Statement Across business functions capturing data from a non standard digital pdf has been a grey area in getting the required results. Teams go for high cost, inefficient solution to build a custom made pdf extractor tool to locate & capture data. This would not only end up spending more cost also we lose significant amount of time and effort in creating a point solution.

How do we address this problem or take advantage of this business opportunity?

A simple data extraction may become a complex case provided if the client has umpteen number of data formats on the pdf (i.e. non standard). This can be addressed by combining the capabilities of marketing leading RPA tools with RPA COE Smart PDF Extractor. In general, a developer has to create multiple bots to capture data from the same entity but from different pdf format (ex: invoice number). If there is a change in a position or different naming convention is used (Ex: INVOICE NUMBER can be written as #inv no, Inv#, Invoice no, Inv no etc with more probabilities), either the team has to go for standardization or have to build multiple bots and ultimately end up spending enormous time and effort for extracting a data from a non standard pdf. What are the viable options to implement the solution?

Building different bots to capture the same data from a digital pdf which is available in a different format. Go for high cost market leading solutions with AI capabilities. Time effective & almost effortless Smart PDF Extractor. What is the business value generated out of RPA COE Smart PDF Extractor?

One configurable code for all RPA tools can be leveraged to extract data from non standard digital pdf. Solution has been developed using the existing RPA tools without linking / integrating with other technologies / tools. Smart PDF Extractor is location agnostic wherein target data need not to be on the same position / format. 95% of development effort reduction (considered only the time taken for coding to capture non standard data from the digital pdf)

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