Our Deck: Recent Pitch:

  • About us: Anthony Diaz (Founder, CEO) driven over $200M+ worth of value via enterprise SaaS products to Fortune 50 clients. Rob Panepinto (Exec Chairman) founded and sold Connextions to United Optum for $350M+ in 2011. Andrew Hooker: proven CTO, architect, & data scientist
  • The Problem / Unique insight about the emerging market/TAM/SAM: Legislation is driving trillions of dollars needing to shift in a few years from an old healthcare payment model to one that is “Fee for Value”.
  • What we do: We enable organizations to do smart automated follow up via phone & text messages for patients & employees. The result is reduced costs, improved health outcomes, and improved satisfaction.
  • We charge hospitals ~$3 per license per month. $38K MRR. 20% MoM growth. Raised $1.12M in seed, using funds for +5 new FTE(s) primarily focused on sales & marketing to reach $150K MRR within the next 5 months.

Product 1-minute Demo:

Anthony Diaz Health Hero, Inc 548 Market St, Suite 15351 San Francisco, CA 94104 Office: (415) 653-3101

How we built it

RoR, AI, ML, telephony

Challenges we ran into

Making calls better

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Paying & happy clients

What we learned

how to do great automated smart calls

What's next for Smart Patient Phone Calls

Distribution, $150K MRR next 5 months

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