"Smart Parts" uses home automation kits (hub, sensors, networking) to extend capabilities of connected cars.

We created a solution to a "user story" when a driver is jammed inside the car after accident on empty road (e.g. fell asleep) and was out of the reach of his phone (e.g. its dropped down on the floor or backseat) . We used Smartthings devices and Cloud, Myo armband, Twilio API and Toyota API to rescue him.

How it works:

1) The driver knuckles his fists and Myo reads this gesture 2) Myo sends data to Smartthings Hub 3) Hub turns on additional sound and visual alarm 4) Hub sends information to the cloud 5) Cloud asks Toyota API about last known location of the car 6) Cloud sends rescue message with location via automatic call to the emergency number of the driver 7) Emergency contact person receives a message and rescue driver

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