Problem Statement

Finding parking in a congested or unknown city is always a hassle. You always have to determine which parking lots are the closest to you, which ones are closest to the area you are visiting, how big it is, and the chances that it will have available spaces.

Problem Solution

The solution we came up with is to have a web app show users what parking lots are nearby as well as how many available parking spots are in each.

Summary for How Solution Works

  1. Address and radius limit are input by user through the web app
  2. The parking lots within the radius of address are scanned
  3. The lots send back information regarding how many spots in total there are and how many are available
  4. Information of parking lots is seen through website and are sorted through either the distance or availability

What was learned

  • Implementing Google Maps API into our program
  • Working with sensors and servers
  • Implementing more than one way of communication through servers and computers

Built With

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