Problem of parking slot vacancy in malls and other crowded places. People facing problems during rush hours leading to unwanted delay . Unavailability of parking sources leading to people leaving their vehicles on, which leads to burning of extra fuel and thus wastage. Due to undermanagement of parking slots, there are chances of unwanted traffic clusters.

What it does

Design a system where we have sensors attached in all the parking spots , so we can get to know if the required space is empty or  not. The user can select a particular zone in the area, and then select a parking slot in the zone. A GPS navigation system will guide the user to the designated spot. The system ensures that no two vehicles end up in the same parking slot. The user will also get the locations of other free parking slots in the nearby area on the website.

How we built it

A piezoelectric sensor works on the principle of conversion of energy in mechanical and electrical energy forms. When a polarized crystal is put under pressure, some mechanical deformation takes place in the polarized crystal, which leads in the generation of the electric charge. The generated electric charge or the mechanical deformation can then be measured using a piezo sensor. This sensor data is sent to our database which is created bt mysql and is then processed to our requirements. The website frontend and backend is built using html , css , php

How is works?

As soon as the user logs in into the application, he would be able to search for the place he wants to visit, thus resolving the issue of whether a place has empty parking slots or not. On one tap in the application, the GPS system will guide the user to the available parking slot. Once a slot is selected, it will be blocked for other users for a limited amount of time. If the user doesn’t arrive in the limited time, the slot becomes vacant again.

What's next for Smart Parking

Currently working in a particular city, the system will be expanded to other cities as well after successful implementation in the city.

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