Biggest Advantage

This application lets you define your own parking lot. It can be parking lot near shopping centre, under your block, hospital...field. Yes, even on the field. For example, if you host an open-air event, our application can help you simply define and manage your provisional parking lot. Just define your parking lot as you like, and let people get scanned on the entrance. Driver´s id will get scanned and he will see real time parking lot with his reserved, or randomly picked spot highlited. No more chaotic driving in a cricles..


What it does

Parking lot Manager: Creating, defining and managing your own parking lot. If you already have a parking lot, it can take you only a few minutes to define it in your app.

Driver: Reserving a spot on selected parking lot, getting a random available spot, real time status of a parking lot with your parking spot highlighted

How I built it

With java and firebase database.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

teamwork, and that i can live without sleep for week. jk.

What's next for Smart Parking

we will see

PS pre porotcov: final verzia je v branchi dev

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