The inspiration comes when you want to go to a concrete place and you don't a place to park.

What it does

With Smart Parking you can reserve your Parking place before starting your trip. So we provide to companies that want to know the status of the parking stations near a determinate place an easy way to know them, and also we provide to companies that want to share the status of their parking stations, an easy way to let it know. Finally, we also provide a WebApp to know where there are free parking stations near a place you want to know.

How we built it

We have build an API REST that wraps the Provider/Consumer libraries in order to make it easier to access to data, all in JAVA, an also a WebApp in Go using MapBox API in order to get the directions.

Challenges we ran into

The use of the offered libraries is a bit confusing at first, but then you get used to.

What we learned

We have learned how different the business models in IoT can be.

What's next for Smart Parking

Use our own OpenStreetMap Server in order to have more control of the data.

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