Smart Parent - A Smart Mobile App For Parents

Smart Parent mobile is a complete mobile app to parents from schools to understand their kids school activities and schedules. This will improve parent and teacher communication.

Through Smart Parent mobile app parents can:

  1. Apply leave for their kids
  2. Check their kids attendance sheet
  3. Check their kids school calendar (exam dates, fee due date, school events etc..)
  4. Check students assignments
  5. Check result
  6. Check timesheet
  7. Check faculty details
  8. Request for meeting with faculty
  9. Check their kids To-Do list
  10. Check different dashboards

Target Audience:

Most working parents do not get enough time to understand their child's school schedule & activities. 'Smart Parent' mobile app is targeted at such parents Indian educational sector doubles in three years (2012 : $ 56.77 billion and 2015: $ 100.23 billion) and 59% of the families have both working parents.

Solution Highlights

  1. A Complete Mobile Application to Improve Parents & Teacher Communication
  2. Salesforce 1 Mobile Application
  3. Customer Community License for Parents to Access Salesforce (Cost Effective)
  4. Schools can use for their complete software solutions
  5. Salesforce sell license on discount for educational organizations
  6. School can use their students for Salesforce Administration and development. (Students also gets the experience on salesforce even before they graduate)
  7. Designed for ease of access – follow ‘three click rule’ of design
  8. There are 2 Apps on AppExchange but 0 App on Salesforce1 Mobile platform
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