I knew about the problems people/company faced when try to make purchases and track them in their companies. Every time you need to write a lot of e-mails to your team manager then discuss a budget with spend manager - and it takes a lot of efforts and docs to manage that.

Currently market includes some existing services to helps people do P2P easily - but

they are totally centralized and non-secured!! 🥷🏼

Everyone can get you order information or just delete it or made other bad things So I decided to make P2P be in blockchain! 👮🏼

What it does

Right now it's a simple implementation of procure-to-pay flow on blockchain Company manager can:

  • log into system using its own near wallet account
  • create Purchase requisition (in future a complete order with items)
  • list its own orders or just all
  • approve one of existing orders in a list
  • pay for that order

How we built it

Month ago I started to implement a core of P2P and simply build POC

Challenges we ran into

The most complicated thing right now for me is how to choose a correct collection struct (I mean 1 complex collection or 2 simpler) and saving gas resources during a calls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Everything is works as expected so far 🥳
  • I learned a lot of "rust" things, because I'm not a rust dev)
  • I digged into blockchain development and it takes results
  • I have a lot of ideas about current startup - so will continue to work on that

What we learned

  • How to use near-sdk for js
  • How to work with collections and create structs in contract
  • How to work with near-cli
  • How to make transfers and contract calls

What's next for Smart P2P

  • Improving "Create Purchase" flow by adding order items
  • Support multiple roles & user permissions
  • Send to vendor logic
  • Collecting vendor invoices and pay by invoice
  • UI/UX: splitting logic in multiple pages
  • ...a lot of ideas will come 🚀

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