Turning off peoples things is fun

What it does

Each individual outlet can be turned on/off via a web browser.

How I built it

I operate two relays with an esp32, which receives html commands from users on the local network. The relays control the power to the outlets. The enclosure is built with erector set pieces (non-conductive, of course).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

When I had the great idea of plugging the board into the outlet itself, so that turning off the outlet meant turning off the esp... yeah that was a very proud moment of mine.

What I learned

It was all fairly straightforward, but I did learn how to send commands via the url bar.

What's next for Smart outlet

An add-on that makes it say "are you afraid of the dark?" in a spooky voice from a speaker right before shutting off the outlet, if you push the "scare sister" button. Maybe a better UI and some power scheduling scripts.

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