In many households, there are designated areas where people dump camping gear, sports equipment, et cetera. It is a nightmare to find anything, especially if the boxes of stuff aren't labeled or well organized. This problem inspired our team to create Smart Organizer Crates, or Socrates for short.

What it does

Socrates is a smart organization system that allows you to put in items and remembers where you put them. Then, you can ask it where a particular item is and it will show you quickly and easily.

How we built it

The hardware is relatively straightforward. Each crate consists of an ESP32 and 4 addressable LEDs. The ESP32 is listening to commands from the server over wifi.

The server is made using Flask Restful in python.

The frontend is made with vanilla JS/HTML/CSS.

What's next for Smart Organizer Crates

We believe that Socrates is an idea with a lot of potential and room for expansion. Aside from actually making it a usable product, we could add sorting by category(all camping gear goes in a separate box from sports stuff), an actual case that can be easily mounted onto a box of any shape and size, a mobile app, alexa/google home integration, and much more.

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