Smart-neighbourhood @DevPost

An android application that acts as a connecting bridge for people in a community/neighbourhood. People of that neighbourhood can login and post questions,answers,blogs etc... People can also conduct polls about the decisions undertaken by the community as a whole.We have also implemented a request service feature where people can request service from a carpenter/plumber/painter etc.. These requests are processed and sent to the particular service admin through an SMS using exotel API's. An admin verifies the existence of a user and sends a confirmation SMS to the user hrough an SMS using exotel API's. We have also used openweathermap API to get current weather which is reflected on the home page.The background image of our home page change depends on the weather outside. We have partially designed an ad algorithm where the ads on the people's timeline change according to the posts of the people using data mining. if the user posts spam on his timeline, admin will reserve all rights to delete his post and an automated SMS will be sent to the corresponding user stating not to SPAM. if someone comments on you post user who has put up that post will get that comment in SMS which uses Exotel SendSMS API.

Sunshine folder contains the app source code.

The Php folder contains phpscripts that interact with our local mysql database.

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