We created a VR art museum that streams images from local Georgia galleries including High Museum and Atlanta History Center. You can interact with the art pieces with hand gestures to indicate your feeling towards the art. This allows our machine learning algorithm to tailor a customized experience for the user.


We wanted to combine VR with art in some way, and the idea that we had that meshed these two fields the best was a VR art museum to immersively experience artworks

What it does

You first interact with SmartMuseum by selecting a Georgia art museum to explore. Once the VR session is available, you can explore the museum's artwork using the VR-enabled iOS app. By swiping left or right, you can indicate whether you like the piece or not and the algorithm will pick which piece you are most likely to enjoy next.

How we made it

We used Python Flask and React in the frontend for the web application, the VR was developed in Unity, Python was used for scraping artworks, and JavaScript was used for gesture recognition and computer vision (specifically, handtrack.js).

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