Inspiration: learning Raspberry pi for the first time was something that we always wanted to do!

What it does: It senses if someone moves in front of the sensor then takes a picture with an alert msg and send it to a mobile number already defined by the user.

How we built it: Simple as it can be! We used Raspberry pi 3, Bread board, Web cam and Ultrasonic sensor.

Challenges we ran into: A lot from learning how to use Python and how to connect stuff with not much materials provided. Uploading the image to imgur to be used by Twilio was a big big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Made something useful out after joining the Hackathon just for Fun! Crazy right!

What we learned: How to use Raspberry pi and Python with Twilio

What's next for Smart Motion Sensor: A lot and a lot and a lot! Adding a touch screen for user to interact with to connect to a wifi and enter the mobile number they want to use. Adding some lights to light red as a sign for children in the house to not answer the bell if someone showed after the user send a sms back saying "It is not safe" for example then the system lights red. Facial recognition based on previous faces showed to the camera and saved as a known people.

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