How many times did we subscribe for a free trial, forget completely about it and finally ended up paying for a month or two before ending subscription? How many times did we pay hefty credit card bills just because we didn't keep track of how much we spent on various things? Many people do this and we built a web application and chrome extension that help people better manage their money.

What it does

Smart Money Manager reminds people of upcoming subscription payments and helps the users keep track of their money and gain insight into their spending habits by showing them detailed information about the 'what', 'when' and 'where' of their transactions (what category did they spend on, when and where their transaction took place). Also, it assists the users in managing their money better by budgeting their expenditure and showing them periodical updates.

The chrome extension provides a quick way of looking at transaction history, balances and upcoming subscriptions. Even better, whenever you visit a website with upcoming payment for subscription, it notifies about the payment and gives a link to unsubscribe.

How we built it

We used the CapitalOne Nessie API to get a list of recurring payments data. We built a decorator API that serves our dashboard and chrome extension. The data that we present needs to be composed of different API calls to Nessie, all necessary API calls are made to Nessie and then this data is available to the dashboard and extension via the decorator API that we built and it runs on AWS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We spoke to a group of fellow hackers and found that subscribing to a free trial and completely forgetting about it is a very common problem. We are glad that we addressed a real problem that bothers many people. We also believe that chrome extensions are easy to use and as popular as mobile apps, we are glad that we were able to build a chrome extension for this purpose.

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