It is always hard for people to keep track and manage their money in a timely and intelligent fashion. This app makes it convenient for bank users to estimate how much extra money they can spend without overspending.

What it does

By directly accessing the user's bank account balances, and keeping track of the user's weekly income and expenditures, as well as estimating the amount of money put aside for various savings accounts, it can project what their future disposable incomes are for the upcoming week.

How we built it

Using Android Studio and the Nessie API, coded with java and xml.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use the API as well as implementing it with Android development was a very new skill for us developers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we finished was a great step up from last year.

What we learned

A lot about Android Development and interactions with Nessie API, as well as the complications and steps to designing a mobile application.

What's next for Smart Money

Support for other platforms and increased interaction between the user and the API, to enhance the user's experience.

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