What it does

Movability is a 360° solution for making the Rehab Bus Transport in Hong Kong smarter and efficient. We solve the excess demand from the disabled for the public transport and the problem of misallocation of resources for the rehab-bus service providers by leveraging the application driven environment for riders and a Data Analytics Dashboard for the rehab bus service providers. The dashboard is formed by accessing the dataset of Rehab Bus Service from the HKSTP Data Studio and then mapping the data points on the Hong Kong map. We then suggest the most optimized routes to the service providers based on the disability, Pick-up/Drop-off time and location. In this way, service providers can efficiently allocate the resources onto the buses based on the specific needs and requests. We aim to solve the problem of excess demand and inefficient booking procedure by introducing A rehab-bus booking application through which riders can find routes, make requests for the buses and once confirmed, they can make the final payment. With this all in one solution, we aim to prepare for the forthcoming aging population challenges in Hong Kong.

How we built it

The solution comprises two components. Dashboard for the service providers: The dashboard is made using Power BI. We queried the "Rehab Bus Service Dataset" from HKSTP Data Studio and mapped the data points on the Hong Kong map. Then this mapping was further visualized and sorted on the basis of different districts in Hong Kong. We finally used The Meta-Heuristic algorithm to solve vehicle routing problems with ruin-and-recreate principle. We also provide various analytics using Power BI like the number of requests at present, suggesting the bus slots and passengers to the service providers.

Application for the riders and Drivers= The mobile application is a prototype like proof of concept right now. It supports searching for the buses, making requests for the bus based on time and location, tracking the status of the request and finally making the payment on approval.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was suggesting the optimal route using the meta-heuristic algorithm by leveraging the dataset from rehab-bus service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were finally able to create an all in one solution for the disabled population in Hong Kong. It is an area which is seldom tapped by the entrepreneurs. We have been able to implement the planned solution within 24 hours. We are happy that we were able to utilise the dataset and create something meaningful of it.

What we learned

We learned that if the team is intrinsically driven and technologically motivated, we can achieve great results!

What's next for Movability

Taking this further, we aim to raise seed funding from HKSTP and Cyberport and then expanding our solution to other cities mainly Taiwan.

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