The idea of a smart mirror is to display weather, time and other important information on your mirror while you're brushing your teeth or changing so you can save sometime checking them afterward.

The smart mirror can be built by putting a raspberry + monitor behind a two-way mirror. A two-way mirror allows viewing from one side and reflects lights on the other side. It would act as a regular mirror normally. However, when the monitor is on, the mirror would also display whatever's on the monitor.

We'll have plenty of challenges ahead of head of us. First, we'll need to figure out how to build the frame to house both the mirror + monitor. And since we'are new to web development, we'll also have to figure how to design the UI for the display.

We hope to get this working at the hackathon. If time permits, we could add more features like adding motion sensor to turn the monitor on and off, adding to webcam to do facial recognition for displaying customized messages, or a digital scale.

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