We wanted to design a mirror that could display important information at a glance, while also retaining function.

What it does

It displays time, date, weather, Twitter, and Reddit in the four corners of the mirror.

How we built it

We placed a monitor into a cardboard frame, and a two-way mirror on top of that to simulate a mirror that allows for the data to be displayed on it. We used a DragonBoard to program in python using a modified GitHub base code. We integrated a Reddit and Twitter API in order to provide relevant information to the user. It also uses the internet to check local weather, time, and date.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to integrate various features such as speech recognition, facial recognition, and hand gestures; however, we failed in integrating them due hardware restrictions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of our API integration because of how it utilizes the information to display it conveniently to the user.

What we learned

We learned how to utilize APIs more effectively and we strengthened our knowledge in utilizing Python for software/hardware development, particularly in regards to a DragonBoard.

What's next for Smart Mirror

We hope to integrate some of our failed features in the future, in addition to allowing the user to customize their UI based on the social media of their choosing.

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