Many people world wide die from cancer. It is often detected late. And sometimes it also leaves confused patients, when doctors are ont sure about the diagnosis.

What it does

It makes cancer detection cheap and fast. Cancer detection already on a microscope. In case of uncertainity, the same blood/tissue sample can be checked again instead of waiting for a new blood/tissue sample.

How I built it

Usage of Azure DLVM for Training. Deployment on a Smart Zeiss Microscope. Retrofit Solution with a Webservice based on Azure. Azure Machine Learning Services. Coffee and Love.

Challenges I ran into

Usage of Azure Blob Storage for Training Data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Good Training Results
  • First Solution with Azure
  • Training on GPU
  • Team Spirit

What I learned

  • Usage of Azure Machine Learning Services

What's next for Smart Microscope

Detection of Cancer in vivid tissue.

Built With

  • azure
  • experience
  • keras
  • love
  • tensorflow
  • zeiss-microscope
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