What inspired us

We were inspired by the way people used to move cross country, cross - region and cross-community just to buy or access discounted and free goods and services. It is a normal thing here in Africa. They sometimes showed remorse when they realize they missed a discount sale of their item. They sometimes buy at high prices elsewhere because they are uninformed of discounts.In people will move from place to place, community to community to trade, and they are attracted by discounts and price variations even the wealthy people. Another thing is that, as part of most African countries' SDG'S to collect and recycle waste, people collect the waste but they do not know where exactly the recycler is or where they can sell it for recycling. Also there is no particular platform for IT people to exchange digital products.

What does it do?

This website serves as a platform to gather and bring together all items sold on discount , flash sale, reduced to clear,auctions, product fairs , expo's , waste recycling points ,freelancing services as well as digital products in order for the general public to be informed and as such make preparations or go and patronize such goods or participate where necessary. In short for community members to know where what is done and where what is happening . You can view the location where it is being sold or happening and then go and buy. We have a feature whereby users who are not frequent online can subscribe using their mobile number and then receive all updates via SMS or USSD. Totally offline members can also register to pick up a monthly magazine to know of discounts for the next month. This is a way of bridging online and offline experience.

How did you build it?

We used basic html coupled with bootstrap to build the interface. We also used php as backend and mysql as database. The facebook developer product we implemented was the facebook chat api, and facebook login.

What challenges did you encounter?

We encountered few challenges in convincing shop owners , auctioneers and discount sellers to post on our website. Also in getting USSD supporters. Then came implementing some api's and also failure to code the product in react: Which we are getting along quite fine.

What are you most proud achieving?

We are proud of being able to find a solution to general trading in Africa. And also contributing to facilitating unity among sister countries and also contributing to some sustainable development goals.

What did you learn?

We learnt some marketing skills as well as a lot about react native, api implementation , some really cool Facebook products etc

Whats next?

We are looking forward to upgrading the system with react, implementing Facebook sharing , making transport and security arrangements etc. Also do a nationwide advertisement of our website and concept and also add a pricing and transportation guide feature in our website. Its gonna be the next big thing in Africa.

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