We always see that one person carrying a notebook and pencil to track their workout when going to the gym. Others use mobile apps that involve manual tracking. Some don't track their workout for the simple fact that it's too much of a hassle. We wanted to change this by making workout tracking automatic. People don't realize they need something until they use it, and this is serves true at our live demo.

What it does

A custom mount holds any phone on top of a bench press bar. Our app then measures reps, sets, and proper form in real-time. Our machine learning algorithm measures and displays your progress post-workout.

How We Built it

We use the phone's built in accelerometer to track user reps. We then use timing algorithms to differentiate rest time between sets. The gyroscope measures proper form by helping you level the bar. We also did analytics on the data to view once we see that the exercise is completed.

Challenges We Ran Into

Thinking of the algorithm to accurately define and measure progress proved challenging initially. Coming up with a way to filter out the noise from the accelerometer data to track reps was difficult since it was so sensitive to even the slightest movement. We had numerous problems with 3D printing since we had no experience with it or even know which software to use.


We got a 3D printed platform with perfect fit for what we needed. We found work arounds for every technical issue without cutting features, which is a first for us in a hackathon.

What We learned

We learned new machine learning algorithms. We learned how to use 3D modeling software and which software to not use the hard way. We learned how to use gyroscopes and accelerometers in android. Also, if you bring in gym equipment to a hackathon, it attracts a lot of attention.

Whats next

We expand the app to include other exercises and build up a more robust website. We also plan on making this app compatible with standard gym machines such as those with a weight stack. We plan to sell the platform to gym owners and keep the app free or freemium for the users.

Other companies believe that people have to buy wearable devices in order to track their workouts. They want people to buy yet another expensive wearable that requires daily charging, and cannot distinguish between different machines and free-weights. Smart Machine offers a platform for everyone to track their workouts.

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