Imagine a long day at work and you're fumbling with your keys for the fiftieth time in the freezing cold. Not only are you pawing blindly for your keys but your hands are full of groceries to bring home. The original intention was to develop a hands free door that would be convenient for the busy homeowner. By using facial recognition, this would allow the user to quickly get into the house without having to touch a thing. However, as development progressed, our group realized that the real world implications for this software were more expansive than what we let on. Soon, this simple project developed into a security software project as we were able to quickly identify and differentiate between friendly faces and potential threats. Some challenges we ran into were prioritization as well as resources. Despite these challenges, we managed to accomplish something to be proud of. We successfully created a more accurate facial recognition system that is able to log information about users in real time and send notifications directly to the user if there is either an intruder or a friend. We learned so much from this experience and are excited to share this project with you! The next step for this project is to tweak the UI and calibration for new faces to be stored.

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