A study found that grocery store lines are packed with people Most people in these lines are not following 6 feet social distancing. Cashiers in these lines feel uncomfortable, and many customers are not taking it seriously. In a Massachusetts grocery store 20% of workers tested positive for COVID. The new COVID variant Omicron spreads extremely fast, even amongst vaccinated adults.

What it does

Customers type their name into the website which they can access from a QR code in the store, and they will receive a ID. As customers enter their names, a digital queue forms Customers will be able to see ahead of time how many people are in front of them, and can plan their trip the grocery story accordingly. When a cashier is done with a customer, they use the admin site to notify the next person in the queue to come to the line. This will make lines more organized, and helps with social distancing.

How we built it

We use a react frontend, and connect it to a backend using websockets

Challenges we ran into

We were originally going to make a Flutter app for this project, but Flutter did not work on our computers. Connecting the backend and frontend was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a MVP

What we learned

How websockets work. Time management

What's next for Smart Line

  • Make this an app using flutter.
  • Adding a domain.
  • Adding predicted wait time features based off of amount of customers in queue.
  • Adding a chat box, where customers can ask workers questions through the website.
  • Sending users notifications when lines are short at their favorite stores.
  • Making stores have their own queues

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