The last mile of a delivery is often the most expensive, troublesome, and inefficient. Customers often aren't able to receive packages during daytime delivery hours and become frustrated when they have to adjust their schedule to later pick up their package at a delivery point.

What it does

Using our smart last mile delivery service, PackageHub, users can opt to have their package sent to:

  • A friends address (that will be home or has a smart home enabled package delivery system)
  • A local delivery hub (A member of their neighbourhood that has volunteered their home as a mini package depot)
  • Prior to courier handling, customers can have the option of changing their delivery address to a work address or an address that they will be at for the delivery time.

This will significantly reduce missed packages AND reduce the build-up of unclaimed packages at post offices.

How we built it

The app that users interact with is built using React Native The database was built with mongoDB Everything is hosted in Google Cloud

Challenges we ran into

Pinpointing a suitable problem/ solution that Innovapost has.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Full-Stack system completely integrated Use of multiple Google Cloud Services Solving a problem we didn't even know existed before we started the Hackathon Working as a team on new technologies

What we learned

We learned how to use firebase with its CLI, firestore functions, GeoHashing, Google Maps API, and much more individually.

What's next for PackageHub

Integration with Innovapost API's

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