We decided to develop Compass because we wanted this site to be a welcoming resource for all immigrants, refugees, new citizens and visitors of the United States. We decided on the name "Compass" because we want our site to provide direction and clarity for all who use it.

What it does

Compass' mission is to help foreign-born individuals feel welcomed and prepared in their new country of the United States. We aim to help immigrants and refugees with the often difficult employment process, and Compass also provides easy-to-understand financial resources. We want to help our new community members connect with their region.

How we built it

We built Compass using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript. We used the Cloud9 IDE in order to collaborate on the project.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered difficulties with certain aspects of the code, particularly with incorporating APIs into our site. The language translator API was the most complex API that any of us have ever worked on and it was a bit overwhelming to navigate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our design elements of the site. We are proud of the variety of information that we provided in order to help those visiting our site. We also were proud that we managed to develop a functional resume maker that allows individuals to format a basic resume, which is essential in beginning the job search process.

What we learned

Throughout the process, we learned so much about immigration through speakers, the panel, and our own research. We learned just how much of an impact that technology can have on facing problems in society. Also, through creating our site, we strengthened out frontend and backend coding skills and became stronger programmers.

What's next for Compass

We hope to continue to develop our website and incorporate more information in order to best help users, including possibly adding a job search API. We would also like to incorporate resources and organizations not just in St. Louis, but in many different cities nationwide into our site.

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