Building an IoT- based android app which will help you to make your kitchen smarter by using ENY button and Neura SDK.
• We propose to use IoT proximity/weight sensors to map the day to day use of the container’s content in kitchen bottles supplies. (For the demo we will simulate sensorial input on the HTML front end managed in the server.)
• This will be done by accessing the input obtained from the sensors and managing in the android dashboard.
• Automatic sending orders to favorite shops, getting status of your current kitchen supplies, generating many dashboard charts for a user supply usage details over a month or week giving the user chance to speculate on his/her usage habits.
• Aim is to bring the current status of your kitchen supplies on a press of a button to your android device.
• The Neura SDK will be iteratively used to know which user is at the nearest to a marketplace and send him/her a text message of the things to buy.


It is a button that simplifies our (users') lives by telling their smart home devices(Android App, IoT sensors) what to do. An example could be a stack of simple activities that a user has to do every day could be done by the press of a button. viz. Switching on the Air Conditioner, Switching on the television and Switching on the Lights.

Neura SDK

It is an Android SDK which uses machine learning to learn from different day to day activities of a user and sensor data. To get the most out of ENY, we need it to understand and adapt to the user's day-to-day context. We can track sensor data on users' devices and then analyze it with proprietary machine learning algorithms, Neura gains an in-depth contextual knowledge of the customer. With users' consent, Neura will share contextual insights about users with third party devices like ENY to enable advanced personalization.

Project Deliverables

Idea Sheet Presentation



This is one of the innovative solution for existing probem in this field. If the solutions are present in the market we sure require a little research to refine and come up with a robost one.

Technology Stack

Java, Python(To detect ENY button press and to carry the signal to node server), node.JS, JavaScript, Android Studio, Android SDK, Git, Angular.JS, HTML, and CSS.


As a successful working professional and as a housewife Gauri always finds it hard to keep track of all the Groceries she needs to buy every day. This is where ENY button enabled with a simple Android app comes to her rescue. The kitchen is now smart as the containers all have simple weight sensors attached to them. Sensorial data is all connected to a node server and the server keeps track of each sensor. You press an ENY button and your android app will send a notification to your registered mobile number with all the information you need regarding the groceries. The Neura SDK will iteratively know which user is at the nearest to a marketplace and send him/her a text message of the things to buy. This will simplify a user's concern of having to keep a tab on the kitchen refills by making it a task of IoT sensors. Android app provides a dashboard with favorite stores will automatically place orders when prompted. (If the APIs are exposed) Use a single button to automate the task of monitoring the kitchen supplies without having to manually intervene.


If any E-Retailer is willing to expose their APIs then we can easily integrate their store in our android app to automate the ordering from the store. If multiple stores are willing to share their APIs we can develop a mechanism of a favorite store. Registering multiple ENY devices to a single Android app. Using real sensors and simulating the real IoT sensorial data.


While in current technological era nothing seems impossible this idea definitely has a lot of impact on the future of our Kitchen.


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Team Members

Nachiket Joshi Abhishek Madan Akshay Mishra

Nachiket Joshi | Abhishek Madan | Akshay Mishra

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