Airlines are shifting to more and more paid ancillary services. Creating an itinerary that gives the end traveler freedom to choose and buy these services at their own convenience.

How it works:

Once a booking is finalized, agency sends the final itinerary (post ticketing) to the traveler. Smart Itinerary is designed to display any paid ancillary service bookable at segment level. Customer click on the service he/she intends to avail. System confirms the service and accepts the payment through a payment gateway. Once payment is through, an EMD is issued and added to the itinerary with the respective service and emailed back to the customer.

Challenges I ran into

Wanted to add more sponsors content unfortunately we had only limited knowledge of integration of REST APIS with .NET.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Got a good idea on the different sponsors API and how it can be used to enhance user experience

What's next for Smart Itinerary:

Adding more purchasable content along with destination information to enrich Smart Itinerary and turning it into an up-selling tool that would help agency sell even after they completed their sale.

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