We live in an era where the human being wants to control everything, and he wants to do that the easiest way possible, so this project lets you do that with your plants, most of the time i'm too busy and forget to water my plants. To solve this problem, I am building a portable irrigation system that waters my plants depending on the soil moisture, and sends the plant's temperature and humidity and soil's humidity to an internet plateform . and also it sends those data by sms to my phone and alerts me when the humidity of the air is too high. Our product is going to solve all these problematics :

1)It helps economising water making programmed irrigation cycles .

2)Your plants can be irrigated without your presence (automatically) or manually using a mobile application .

3) In term of economising energy, the product can be powered using solar pannels.

4)The system is able to make analyses depending on the data recolted .

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