Most plant monitoring systems are only able to be monitored in local area networks as accessing the system from outside the local network becomes costly or difficult. I decided to make such a plant monitoring system but with the added ability to access the various values FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

What it does

The system measures various factors of the environment which are necessary for the healthy growth of a plant. It can measure air quality, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and the amount of sunlight received. All these values are sent to a online cloud IOT dashboard and then can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

How we built it

I worked with the ESP 32 board and used the following sensors - LDR , MQ 135 air quality sensor, DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor and soil moisture sensor,.

Challenges we ran into

It was fun working with all these sensors and IOT.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I can monitor my garden statistics in a very detailed graphical format from anywhere in the world. As I am the dashboard ADMIN, i can even make some changes in the dashboard and make some analysis. Even others can monitor the garden sensor values with just a simple link. Here's the link for my IOT Garden Dashboard - link - IT'S LIVE You can see 5 graphs each for sun light intensity, soil moisture, humidity, temperature and air quality.

What we learned

I got to learn to integrate my plant monitoring system to an online facility to monitor it from anywhere in the world.

What's next for Smart IOT Plant Monitoring System with Live Dashboard

I would try to improve the system for more efficiency and add few more sensors and a display LCD once the situation in my area is normal and the stores are opened after the pandemic.

Built With

  • cayenne
  • esp32
  • iot
  • online
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