To enable business to continue work during the outbreak with maximum security for the staff and other stakeholders by identifying possible Corona Patients within the staff.

What it does

This mask is consisted with temperature measurement,recording and display unit. This unit indicate and display the temperature and it consisted with a threshold value.If ones temperature is increased than the thresh-hold limit a color will indicate with a regular indicative sound.This will not reverse back though the temperature decreases.This unit is battery powered or chargeable. This unit is consisted with a recording chip to record the data.This can be taken out and display.This records can be sent from one place to other.This is a portable unit and replaceable.

This mask is consisted with sound sensitive unit which is portable and records the values of frequency of the cough,talk,sneezing etc as a timely parameter.It consisted with thresh hold values and limits of the the each parameters.Once that value is over limited the color indicator will indicate.This unit also consisted with a chip to record the relevant data.This is rechargeable or battery powered unit.This unit is replaceable. This also consisted with a frequency usage measuring unit to record the usage frequency and automatic tide up and tide down unit.This will record the usage frequency . All those units are individual parts.

Also we managed to come up with a system to indicate whether two people wearing the mask are within 2m apart using BLE during the hackathon.

Key Challenges

Miniature PCB design: Our team managed to design the PCB as small as possible with a coin cell battery Power Management: We had to limit our ideas to integrate GPS tracking, Real time data harvesting as the battery power would not be enough. Sourcing Electronics: Currently our sources are out of service due to the prevailing condition but we were promised a delivery of electronics within 2 weeks.

Value Proposition

We have a team who are specialized in embedded systems with years of experience. We are capable of assembling the product in house using automated machinery. Team consists of a member who specializes on chemical composition of the mask in order to suggest suitable materials for each element. The mask is designed as plug and play devices so that our clients can request various additions and packages. For example customer can request GPS tracking with a additional battery pack, Customer can deduct the feature of social distancing and reduce the price of the product.

Our Goals

We plan to manufacture 1000 units initially as we already have local orders and hope to export afterwards.

Built With

  • embedded
  • iot
  • pcb
  • sensors
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