My very Dear Friend Robbie was frustrated with loads of Email Notifications that he received daily on his mobile. And so, one day, out of anger, he disabled his notifications.

And do you know what happened, then? He missed out on an important email which was offering him his dream job..! Alas...

We all feel the same as Robbie. We receive loads of email daily. Be it some promotion, social media notification, statements, receipts or any important business related mails. At times, Important Emails get missed out.

So, what if, my Mail Inbox gains Intelligence and gives me total control over my Inbox Notifications and is also capable of Smart Actions to respond to new Emails. And so, to ease out this core problem that we face daily, Smart Inbox is here to bring Intelligence to your mail box!

What it does

Smart Inbox is built upon an Intelligent Rule Based Engine, where the user can create Rules. The rules will get triggered based on the conditions that he configures. For example,

  • If the email is from a particular email account
  • if subject line contains Bank Statement or Client Name
  • If the email has a particular attachment file like Images, or Bank Statements
  • If the email has Receipt from online Purchase

The possibilities are endless!

User, then can create Actions to respond to. Be it Alert Notification or even Auto-Save download of Attachments to a pre-defined folder.

Smart Inbox Engine acts on a Trigger in case a new incoming email satisfies a configured Condition and based on the corresponding Action, it will provide the required Actions.

Smart Inbox is also capable of reading & automatically understanding online Purchase Receipts if you receive them in your email. Based on the details, it provides the user with detailed Analytics like Purchase History, Vendor History and Analytics.

Apart from the Intelligent Rule Engine & Purchase Analytics, Smart Inbox also provides the below features:

  1. Add Multiple Email Accounts in a single app and define Rules for each of them
  2. Intelligent Search to search across Multiple Email Accounts based on Subject, From, Attachments & Contacts
  3. Contact Analytics - Provide a list of most contacted contacts and a list of correspondences done with them. User can directly compose an email from the app using his preferred mail client.
  4. Track History of the emails which triggered the defined rules, download the mail body as well as any file attachments.

How I built it

Smart Inbox is an Android Application which is powered by Context.IO APIs. It has an intelligent Rule Engine which responds to Emails based on user configuration. The rules are created as Context.IO WebHooks and this automates the Email Rule Engine. Back-end server uses Push Notifications onto the end-user device. This eliminates the Sync process of Email Accounts and thereby, do not drain the mobile battery!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the entire Context.IO Library that I have created for Android which can connect to multiple API endpoints like:

  • Account Creation / Deletion
  • Account Discovery
  • Source Creation / Deletion
  • Messages - List, Body
  • Contacts - List, Messages
  • Files - Content
  • WebHooks - Creation, Update, Delete

I am also proud of the Search Engine which can effortlessly search across various Email entities like Messages, Contacts and Files, thanks to the super powerful Context.IO API.

What I learned

I learnt about the power of Context.IO APIs when it comes to WebHooks and using that to create Push Notification on end user's device.

What's next for Smart Inbox

Smart Inbox is currently under Beta Testing. We are in process to integrate more Email Account Types which support OAuth authentication, provide more Analytics on Receipt Parsing and More Types of Rules and Actions!

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