I wanted to create a smart thermostat that will report the measured room temperature and noise level to its device shadow in the cloud. The thermostat controls a fictional HVAC system.

What it does

I used the AWS IoT Kit reference hardware for the thermostat hardware and deploy an end-to-end solution combining the reference hardware kit as an HVAC controller with the power of the AWS cloud. I created a fictional HVAC system in which the IoT Kit acts as a thermostat.

How we built it

Instead of using camera equipment to detect when the room is occupied, this solution will minimize costs by using the kit microphone to sample the noise level.

While the room is occupied and the measured temperature is out of comfort bounds, the solution will send a command to the device to start heating or cooling, as needed. When the temperature is then measured as within bounds, the solution will send a command to the device to resume standby mode.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The system connects the device to AWS as a smart thermostat and deploys a simple application to detect room occupancy and drive HVAC state changes.

What we learned

I created my first AWS IOT project using the AWS IOT Edukit. Lots of debugging and coding .

What's next for Smart HVAC system using AWS cloud

To make it more effective by using AWS machine learning services and using the data to predict the temperature of the room.

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