My inspiration to build this smart home automation prototype came into my mind for this pandemic situation. As we all know that the whole world is suffering and trying to cope up with the virus and for that everyone wants to automate everything that is related to our lifestyle. So, this prototype is a small application of a big automation project.

What it does

This smart home automation device has a number of features. It can control the garden, living room, and garage simultaneously.

How we built it

To build this prototype I first install cisco packet tracer software as it is a great IoT prototype and project making tool. It comes with so many components in it. I've used a fan, a light, a window, a door for making the living room automated IoT devices. A water level monitor device and a lawn sprinkle to water the garden automatically. A garage door, a siren, and a webcam to automate the garage room. I've taken a home gateway which is our server and a smartphone to operate remotely.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, there's a common mistake we frequently do when we use packet tracer and that is maintaining a unique SSID for all IoT devices. So, I first give the same SSID for all and that is "SS" and then connect all the devices with the smartphone. To do that I set the server as a home gateway for all the devices. Then to operate the prototype I give some conditions to the IoT devices. To add conditions and set some actions firstly I browse to the default gateway that is set as link and then put the username and password as admin

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Yes, I'm proud to make the smart home automation prototype successful and fully functional.

What we learned

I've learned to automate IoT devices for smart home appliances using cisco packet tracer software.

What's next for Smart Home Automation with IoT Devices

Next, I'll try to implement this prototype in my IoT project which will solve our real-life problem and automate home appliances.

Built With

  • cisco-packet-tracer
  • iot
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