Smart home devices from different vendors have their own proprietary applications for controlling the devices. This makes home automation a challenge when you have devices from different vendors. I wanted to create a single web api to manage these devices.

What it does

Single REST API for controlling smart home devices from:

  • tp-link
  • samsung-tv

How we built it

We built the REST API using node.js & express. This API interacts with the smart devices over the local network. We then created a Postman collection so the different requests could easily be accessed.

Challenges we ran into

Finding documentation on how to control the smart devices over the network. It's normally suggested to control the devices using their proprietary mobile applications but it is also possible to communicate with them over TCP.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get something practical to work. This is going to be very useful for us.

What we learned

We learned about smart devices and how to control them over TCP.

What's next for Smart Home API

  • We would like to add security to our API & host it somewhere public so we can use Postman monitors to schedule our devices to turn on at specific times etc.
  • We would like to interact with more smart devices from different vendors.

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