In most organizations, recruitment is a complex and time-consuming process, since they get a large number of job applications for openings that are called. Handling those job applications manually would need a significant amount of labor, time, and money. In addition, the HR personnel or the recruitment team must manually shortlist the incoming applicants and schedule interviews for them accordingly. This lengthy procedure makes the company's operations inefficient.

What it does

Therefore, we planned to build a web-application with an aim to automate the interview process. The software includes following features such as Candidate personality prediction using machine learning, Automatic resume parser, Handling of the scheduling of interviews, Video recording in browser, Check confidence level and other personality traits of the candidate using video (eye movements and face emotions) and tone (speech) analysis, Keep track of the recruitment records and Send mail to selected/rejected candidates automatically in one-click. This system will thus make the hiring process much faster & smoother, allow recruitments in larger numbers, generate concise insights and provide summary of the candidate's profile which will include the resume, responses to questions, technical skills, personality traits, video and tone analysis result.

How we built it

We used flask for backend and mysql as database. We are using machine learning to predict personality traits based on candidate responses during the interview and cv analysis.

Challenges we ran into

We faced challenges such as automatic parsing of the resume, build face emotion analysis algorithm to predict personality traits

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Smart Hire Bot

The next stop would be to make this application fully functional so as to make it production level app.

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