Our hider application is an application that hides what you don’t want people to see on your mobile. Who never let his phone on the table, with a collegue in front of him, received a (prived) text and watched where the other’s eyes are looking The application is based on a profile system. Each profile is set by the user for hyding certain types of documents (pictures, SMS, contact list…). The activation of the profile is done by a sneaky shortcut, or from the menu of the application. For example, if you are planning a birthday party for your girlfriend and don’t want her to find about it, you can set a profile that will hide all sms’s or e-mails from a certain person and other traces of the planning when the shortcut is activated. Another shortcut would bring back the files to their initial visible state. The shortcuts can be for example a serie of numbers written in the calculator, a second password schema that will make you look like you have miss-entered your password but will actually do the hyding in background.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to finish the code. It is our first hackahton and first mobile app and we thought we could learn android programming and apply our idea in one night… Obviously we did not. In addition, a planning mistake forces us to leave at 11h30 if we don’t want to miss our bus. We are a little bit upset about all those mistakes from us but we hope we will do much better for the next hackathon. Mehdi Belaid Messaoud Fazil

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