An accident is an unpredicted and unintentional event. Considering the alarming increase in the number of motor bike riders and the number of accidents happening in our country, this system ensures to make the two-wheeler driving safer than before for the rider. During the time of accident, the process to intimate and locating the place of the victim is a bit difficult that is to be discovered. The credentials of the victim are unknown which makes tedious during crucial moments.

What it does

The main motive of the project is to design an IOT device. The unique feature of this device is to locate and acquire the relevant information of the victim on crucial moments. A unique code and a device are embedded inside the helmet. The GPS module in the device will be helpful for the family members and the friends, to track the victim’s location.

How we built it

We built it using Raspberry Pi , Ubidots , Wix ,Android studio,vibration sensor ,PiCamera. Languages used:Python ,Xml and JAva

Challenges we ran into

Converting the analog values to digital values while connecting the sensor to raspberry pi because raspberry pi doesnt has a Analog Gpio pin

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The device is in a Perfect Condition and its a ready product that can be launched in the market its going to solve a huge problems that the society faces.

What we learned

We learned to work with WIX tool and learned to use different API's.

What's next for Smart Helmet with Aider

Adding a Voice Assistant will make it more powerful and easier the work for the people to access the device.

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