We were inspired by the Mangalyaan mission by ISRO to reduce the cost of healthcare services to a great extend. Also the existing healthcare can benefit from cutting edge technology such as 'ambulance tracking', patient health tracking, check on medicines sold in the market (offline as well as online) Promoting fair competition of medicines.

How it works

Initially the service will be integrated on to the 6 AIIMS operating in the country. Ambulance and morgue services will be free and powered by GIS + GPS tracking. The medical & drug association of India will be issuing devices / provisions to connect to customer data (doctor's prescription) Generic medicines will be pushed to the customer. Tie up with medical manufacturing companies to produce cheap IOT devices for tracking customer health.

Challenges I ran into

Constraints faced during the hackathon: Total absence of Internet, absence of support from mozilla on the second day & lack of sensors made available at the hackathon required to develop the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a POC (not fully functional yet due to the constraints faced during the hackathon such as total absence of Internet, absence of support from mozilla on the second day & lack of sensors required to develop the project)

What I learned

We cannot accomplish this project without critical policy changes and of course help of the Government.

What's next for Smart Healthcare

Target Customers: 1.252 billion (2013 census) citizens of the country.

Primary customers: Middle class families & citizens firstly. then slowly we will attract the attention of BPL families (provided we are sustainable enough to give away devices for free)

Growth prospects: The project will come to full power only after 2-3 years so the amount of patients is potentially 1 billion. Time will be taken into account of registering all patient history medical records.

Growth Trends: With the advent of smart wearable devices taking a sharp rise in consumer market. the potential trend is that of the smart healthy Indian taking steps towards building his health by using these smart devices and logging in the critical data. This valuable data is stored within the govt. central DB which the records are accessed by any doctor during diagnosis.

We will be going in for SEED before end of 2015. Product launches (after approval from Govt.) on 7th April, 2016 (World Health Day)

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