It all started when I got on a call with one of my old colleagues who works in USA healthcare company. As we were discussing, I got to know that, insurance companies in USA have started giving Apple watches to their subscribers to collect health vital data. Now, for a common man, it seems like a very expensive approach but from an insurance company's point of view, this seems to be the cheapest workaround. And then, we thought, why can't we build a voice-based system to collect user health vital data and help them share it with their providers just using voice command!! During our discussion, we got to know that, most people(young or elderly), use pen and paper to record their health vitals and share the notes with providers. In the digital world, this is the most inefficient way to record and share data. This was the point that inspired us to work on a voice-based product to record and share health vitals.

Now, recording and sharing health vital is one part of the process but to keep yourself healthy requires physical and mental wellness. That is why we added two modules, one for exercises and one for ambient sounds.

Health Journal covers three main aspects of your health.

1) Health Vital tracking (TRACK -> SHARE) 2) Physical Wellness(Standing and sitting Exercises) 3) Mental Wellness(Ambient sounds)

What is does

** Health Vital tracking (TRACK -> SHARE) ** Gone are the days of tracking your health vitals using pen and paper. You can now use voice to track your health vitals and get a report via email whenever required. Record and manage daily health parameters like Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, Temperature, Oxygen, Heartrate, and Weight to attain and lead a healthy lifestyle. Users get suggestions or warnings based on the value of their Health parameters. Users can get their Health vital track records via email and share health reports with their physician just using voice commands.

** Physical Wellness(Standing and sitting Exercises) ** Users can work on their physical health using our carefully selected exercises. users can select exercises from two different positions - standing or sitting. Pick an exercise and Alexa will guide you through the process step by step. Select a new one or repeat the existing one based on requirements.

** Mental Wellness(Ambient sounds) ** Mental wellness is a crucial aspect of one's life. Our carefully picked Ambient sounds will help users relax, relieve stress and improve their mental health. Pick any ambient sounds from Thunderstorm, Ocean waves, Rainforest, Birdchirping, and babbling brook.

How we built it

We first started working on Health vital tracking feature. Designing APL was very challenging as we wanted to create a visualization that will be very attractive and very informative at the same time. It took days to get to the final version of APL that we envisioned.

Second feature that we developed was physical exercise. Our thought process was to provide simple and effective physical exercises for elders. After doing a lot of internet research, we learned that Standing and Sitting are the main two categories of overall physical movement of the body. We finalized three exercises in both categories for now and we will keep adding new exercises in existing categories or introduce new categories.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge was to design an APL/visual interface for elder people. All info shared on display must have maximum visibility and should not confuse users. After some research, we selected a color palette for APL that was appropriate for elder people that would help them read all info presented on the screen properly and make an informative decision. During the skill session, all three options(Track health vital, Exercise, Ambient sounds) are shared in the header so that users can pick any at any point in time without any confusion. Major Challenge was the Voice user interface and APL design but we managed to get the best for our specific audience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the interface we have designed. We loved the idea and executed it with our best efforts.

What's next for Health Journal

  • Next step would be to add more exercises and ambient sounds.
  • Create and share PDF reports with users.
  • Health and fitness program recommendations based on the health condition
  • Book an appointment with the provider
  • Add a routines kit so that users can access a specific feature of skill as a part of a routine.
  • Create weekly and monthly trends for health vitals.
  • Machine learning algorithms built on a backend database that reads user-health vitals and finds outliers out of active users. This helps identify any early symptoms of any disease. In the case of diabetes patients, finding an abnormality in blood sugar at regular intervals helps find early diabetes patients and helps prevent any severe conditions. This will be developed in future phases of development.
  • Medicine adherence feature to take medicines without a delay. Get reminders on mobile or voice assistants to take required medicine. �This feature is in development.
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