Delay in re-establishment of power grid.

What it does

Power grid will tell power station about the grid failure, power failure, live grid ratings and they can be activated/deactivated on the go. The Controller & Monitor device is WiFi enabled and pings the station on the predefined time. In the grid failure, intimidate contact will be made with the control station/power station.

How I built it

Each grid have their own controller & monitor device. The device is based on the cloud concept so that any device that have access to the internet can access Smart Grid. Controller & Monitor device will have built-in WiFi accessibility. These devices will ping control server. The crucial parameter related to the grid will be available on the cloud. This will be beneficial in two ways, anyone have credential to monitor and control grid can control and monitor on the way and another one is to protect against the database server failure.

Challenges I ran into

Cloud programming and cloud database.

What's next for Smart Grid

  • Web portal

Built With

  • aruino
  • c#
  • esp8266
  • uwp
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