Tamagachi, pokemon, and other virtual pets are great because of the addictive game value they hold, and because of their ease of use. It also taps into our innate desire to take care of and nurture something. This emulates this feeling with a real plant, making it a valuable teaching resource for kids. Not everyone has enough time and commitment to garden, and yet we all enjoy the concept of gardening. Gardening is also beneficial because it provides that learning aspect to kids and adults alike. Providing the learning and satisfaction of gardening was our main purpose with creating Smart Garden.

What it does

Smart Garden allows you to track temperature, and control the moisture and light available to your plant, in a small, enclosed, and aesthetically pleasing box. It displays this information on a monitor. Smart Garden allows you to experiment and learn without the effort of gardening!

How I built it

We used three Arduinos: one to power the LEDs, one to control the moisture sensor and Servo, and one to control the

Challenges I ran into

Our wifi chips did not work and we were not able to act upon the web app portion of the project that we envisioned. We hoped to add interactivity between multiple boxes allowing for team challenges and battles between plants.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a great looking box/product

What I learned

To plan for the unexpected and to never rely on a single product. Relying on having moisture sensors set us back several hours when we did not have one.

What's next for Smart Garden

Building a more interactive version that has something you can interact with online.

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