We've seen, even at this hackathon, that interacting with technology using remotes and clickers isn't always effective. People lose remotes, or sometimes our remotes don't work. Our project interprets gestures with a Leap-Motion and communicates with computers or televisions using an infrared LED. This takes conventional remotes out of the picture. We believe that this is a proof of concept for smart furniture with integrated gesture control.

Everybody loses the TV remote sometimes. With our project, your fingers can be your TV remote, and you'll never have to look between the couch cushions again.

Currently you can use our hack to play, pause, fast-forward, or change to volume of any media. Simply sync your remote with our product and put that remote away, because you'll never need to use it again.

The way that this hack works is a Leap-Motion is connected to a computer which uses SSH to communicate with a Raspberry Pi. When the user does a gesture that the Leap-Motion recognizes, a command is sent to the Raspberry Pi which controls an infrared LED to send a pre-programmed signal.

In our video, all our product is doing is control a computer, but with no change to our code our product could be used to change channels on a TV or control a PowerPoint presentation.

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