Climate change is one of the important problems we face today. According to an US survey, we should have another 5 billion fully grown trees to offset the carbon emission excess that has already been released. It would take 5-10 for a tree to grow. So as individuals, it is our responsibility to take actions against that arising problem today - even if the action is small, they all add up.

Our Solution

We believe that one problem of our massive CO2 emission is because we do not know the CO2 emission footprint of the food/ingredients we buy. In a supermarket, deciding what to buy can already be overwhelming. Although a lot of people care about the environment, intuitively estimating how emission friendly the ingredients is hard, plus looking it up on Google is time consuming. To bridge this gap and to create awareness, we have developed an application that helps the individual make smart choices while doing groceries: our Smart Realtime Grocery Assistant! It classifies the food in front of you and shows its CO2 emission (using for recognition and climate-partner-api for computing the emission). You are able to set yourself a CO2 target goal where it will add your CO2 consumption of the food that you decide to buy.

How we built it

We have built 2 applications: one application in magic leap lens and also another Web/Mobile application for all the other users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to come up with a stable working prototype of our solution within the short timeframe.

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