This project is still very unfinished but this is just a project that I think is productive for others, providing a way for a computer to do more of the managerial work for you, (which you don't need to do).

We are always looking for ways to be more efficient and efficiency has been greatly increasing these past few decades due to the rise of the computer. But it seems that there still isn't amazingly aesthetic, productive and efficient ways for us, human beings to learn that takes the work load away from human beings. We still learn from large, cryptic textbooks, but what if we could publicly share notes with each other and go through them without a large hassle of organizing them to bins which we are already rather familiar with and those that we simply don't know? I was inspired by all the other Flashcards apps out there to code this project.

Built With

  • datetime
  • heapq
  • python
  • tkfont
  • tkinter
+ 25 more
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