We were challenged with developing an innovative solution in the education space. We looked at the increased learning effects of vocal studying a wanted to find a way to utilize current technologies for studying techniques.

What it does

Smart Flash allows users to utilize flashcards style studying audibly through Alexa-enabled devices. The current build shows the functionality of the service through foreign language practice. The Alexa skill prompts users to choose a language and prompts them with words or phrases to translate. The performance of individual users is managed through Mongodb and is visualized on the accompanying web app.

How we built it

We looked at all of the challenges and decided what topics were best towards our goals and interests as a team. Our individual facets of the project were divided by interests. William and Josh developed the Alexa skill through the AWS Lambda and Alexa developer kits. Shervin set up the database and web app interactions that are powered by Mongodb, .tech, and Apache. Kevin utilized his front end talents to create the website, logos, images, and visualizations.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Most of it.

What we learned / Challenges we ran into

We did not aim to work with what we are experienced in but rather where we could learn the most and develop the most creatively. Our team did not have significant experience with the tools and platforms we used and organically ran into challenges as we progressed.

What's next for Smart Flash

Next on the project is to expand the variety and difficulty of language study materials. Furthermore, there is potential to expand into an all-purpose flashcard suite which allows users to input study information through the web app and use it on the Alexa skill.

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