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What it does

Proposal: Develop key software reference implementations for fisheries data mobile capture devices, associated web services infrastructure for receiving and storing the fisheries data, and data interoperability standards that include operations, catch, and specimen records as the core data element types.

Prototype 1 Smart Fish - Fish Scan Prototype Tech Demonstration of Smart Fish Scanning. Made with Unity and OpenCV

Prototype 2 Smart Fish - GPS Fish Search Prototype

  1. Search based on GPS position with Radius Area.

  2. Returns fish List based on this search (using: Returns Red listed Species (using:

  3. Multiple fish selection from the list

  4. Returns registered GPS locations of fish selected

    How I built it

    Using OpenCV for Fish Recognition

Combination of: -> Geolocalized Fish Database -> Threatened Species database Google Map and GPS location

Challenges I ran into

Finding the right existing Databases to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing different relevant technologies and combining them together in order to have smart filters

What I learned

Worldwide fishing problems Existing Fish Databases and ressources How to analyse an image to recognizesfish and analyse the data.

What's next for Smart Fish (Fishackaton 2016 - Hong Kong)

Built With

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