Field Operator Face lot of challenges in Day to Day Field Operations which include risk to their lives as well. We want to transform field operations into Disney Experience aiming at Field Operator Safety, Productivity and Skill Enhancement.

What it does

Data Driven Smart Field Services Operations

How we built it

Built using digital technologies using Predix Cloud, Gadgets, Drone, IPAD, Predix Machine, Hazard Detection Wearable using sensor

Challenges we ran into

UAA Setup Predix Mobile Intel Edison Board Circuit Damage

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integration of Drone with Predix Machine and Intel Edison Board Customization of Predix Machine

What we learned

We need to handle Edison Board Carefully, Waukesha Services and Intelligent Mapping Services

What's next for Smart Field Services Ops

Short Term Goal- Enhance App Features

Enhance Current Incident Management with Service NOW Develop Digital Twin for troubleshooting and guided assistance Integrate with Wearable Glass Device for real time information access

Intermediate Goal - Technology Scaling Enhance with DevOps services Integrate Drone with Edison Board as single module Augment with additional wearables Develop app for android mobiles

Long Term Goal - Domain Scaling Scale app for multiple industries Augment with Field Services New Use Case Scenarios

Built With

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